Lord Nelson & Lord Brocket

In the Stanley Arms their are two busts ;(see images below) one of Lord Brocket and the other of Lord Nelson. Lord Brocket was the  ‘Chairman of Brewery’ ; it is said that he was ‘the perfect example of a British Landlord, and helped many of his tenants in the bad times’.


What has Lord Nelson to do with The Stanley Arms?

In 1585 a declaration to the Queen was made by the Stanley Arms of Aughton; a muster of arms to be called on the alarm of the “Armada” and held at “Aughton Moss” (believed to be the area to the rear of Holborn Hill Post Office). The muster master was Stanley of Cross Hall, where the arms were stored.


The Stanley Arms pub can be traced back to the 17th Century….

The Stanley’s cellar also boasts a resident ghost which has been nicknamed ‘ollie’ after Oliver Cromwell!

The Stanley Arms can be traced back to the 17th century. It was built after a smaller ‘ale house’ called The Ring O’Bells was demolished to enlargen the graveyard at St Michaels Church. It is situated on what used to be the old main road to Preston hence being the site for Aughtons first Post Office. Very old photos can be seen of The Stanley Arms below: please click to enlarge.

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